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Use alternative icon

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I’ve been requested how to use an alternate icon in a theme a few times, so I decided I would post how to do it in here for future reference.


Carla Widgets Pack PRO

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Hi everyone! As you might now, yesterday I added another package to the Carla family: Carla Widgets Pack PRO. I wanted to explain a bit more what I features and how you can customize it.


Carla (iOS 7)

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I’ve been meaning to write this post for days now, to let you all know about Carla for iOS for iOS 7. For starters, the name has become a bit of a mouthful, so I decided that the new version will be called plain and simply: Carla (iOS 7). I wish I could just name it Carla, but I’ll get to that in a second. New Design The most important thing about Carla (iOS 7) is that it’s not just a port of Carla for iOS to make it work…read more

Volem cap a La Independència

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After a few weeks being quiet, I decided to post a new design to my portfolio: Volem cap a La Independència. Truth is, it’s not a new design, but more of a redesign from a version I did last year. With Dymond I’ve practiced a lot with Adobe Illustrator, so I decided to remake the plane and vectorize it completely. So you might think… What’s that plane about? Here’s a little context: As the website description states, I defend that, political opinions aside, people have the right to express themselves freely and…read more



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I wanted to write this blog post to let you know about my latest theme: Dymond. Dymond is the result of a long process of thinking about the right idea for the icons the UI and the even longer process of building it together during a very busy year in college. I really hope you like the results as much as I do. In this post i’d like you to get an inside look to what makes Dymond what it is and what brought me to create it and name…read more

Unusual WWDC wish-list

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If you are following any tech-site, you are probably aware of the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Congress) that’s happening tomorrow in San Francisco. The most important part of WWDC (for non-developers, anyway) is the Keynote at the beggining of the Congress where they will unveil their new products. In many tech blogs you can see a sneak peek of the banners that are hung in the Moscone Center. They show a 7 and an X, so it’s easy to assume we’ll see a new iOS version (7) and a new MacOS…read more


Lists in Launch Center Pro

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If you own an iPhone, you should definitely check out Launch Center Pro. We, iPhone users, have been claiming for Android-like shortcuts, and this is at close at it gets. And even better. You can open not only apps, but specific sections of apps as well. For example, you can open your timeline, mentions or messages for any account you have set on Tweetbot, or create a new item inside a list in Clear. 1Password added support for it too, recently. To create the shortcuts, the app uses URL schemes….read more


CES 2013 – My impressions

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Hello everyone again! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to update my blog, but I started writing for GiveMeMind and that and MedSchool really kept me from updating this blog. I really hope I have more time now (at least, in a few weeks, when the finals are over), so I can write some things I have in mind. Enjoy! This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES for short) in Las Vegas, NV, is coming to an end, so I decided to give me impressions on what I’ve seen and…read more


Nexus 7 Review by an iOS user

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The Nexus 7 and Android Let’s start this post by saying this is not to rant about Android and say iOS is better. This is just me explaining my experience with Android (which a lot of people love and prefer over iOS). I was reading this tablet comparison earlier and I thought I’d give my opinion on the matter. I don’t own a Surface, but since it’s only been out for a couple of days (at the time of this post), there’s no way to say if it works or not. I’ve…read more

New Website, New Blog

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Thanks for stopping by! I’d been thinking of setting up a website for a while, and last summer I started developing it. My knowledge of HTML and CSS was nearly 0, so I had to learn-by-doing, and the results is right in front of your eyes. Looking at it now, I see a lot of things to be improved, but as long as they work, I’ll keep them as they are. While developing and designing the website, I thought of starting a new blog. I didn’t want to write about…read more